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Complete System of Record

Most security teams, even those with well-defined processes, struggle to objectively demonstrate the effectiveness of their security program and to measure ROI. In fact, according to the 2017 SANS SOC Survey, although 83% of SOCs have a defined process for what an incident is, 57% require substantial manual effort to generate metrics. And yet most teams end up capturing volume-based metrics about the amount of work done, instead of metrics that provide insight into enterprise risk posture and business outcomes.


Understand the Importance of a Security System of Record

Without an end-to-end record of all relevant activities, it is impossible to conduct an effective internal or external audit, let alone demonstrate process compliance with a regulator or cybersecurity insurance underwriter. It is important that security operations teams can easily access system records, meet process requirements and generate reports without substantial manual effort.


Support Reporting and Compliance Efforts

Syncurity’s IR Flow security operations platform was purpose-built to serve as a security system of record by capturing every action taken and notification made or received, regardless of whether it was human or machine-initiated, and creating a detailed and rich chronology of events associated with every alert and incident. This forensic system of record can be easily tailored to demonstrate compliance for the purposes of audit, regulatory oversight and compliance.


Create Custom Reports and Dashboards

By uniquely capturing all relevant actions as well as relevant internal communications, IR Flow provides an auditable security system of record, enabling measurement and reporting of performance metrics that are highly relevant to improving business operations, reducing risk and demonstrating compliance. IR Flow provides access to this data via a native reporting engine built on a business intelligence framework that allows users to generate pre-built reports by role for analysts, managers, and executives. This BI framework enables customized reporting and dashboards protected with role-based access controls.



  • Implement a Security System of Record
  • Improve Analyst Performance and Risk Reduction
  • Create custom reports and dashboards
  • Customize Reports by Role
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations


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