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Bring Your Own Enterprise (BYOE)

Although enterprise security operations centers may have the same mission, every organization looks different from the inside. From highly mature and sophisticated operations, with complex risk models and governance requirements to less mature enterprises with limited skillsets, tools and security stack components, each enterprise consists of a unique combination of people, process and technology.


Improve the Effectiveness of Any Size Security Team

When it comes to the makeup of an enterprise security team, skill levels vary greatly, often containing a healthy mix of both junior and senior analysts. Large organizations may benefit from having full-time sub-teams, each with a defined areas of expertise, such as malware analysis. Regardless of size, however, each team provides a unique mix of skills, experience and tool preferences.


Capture Enterprise-specific Processes and Workflows

Enterprises operate at varying levels of sophistication and maturity, from those with well documented, multi-step workflows based on best practices for common use cases to those with informal, less structured workflows that are never executed the same way twice. No two firms have the same defined processes for alert enrichment and triage, incident response or containment and remediation. A security operations platform should enable teams to adopt their unique processes vs. being forced into a vendor-defined workflow.


Integrate Your Unique Security Stack

In addition to the variance in team maturity and processes, almost no two enterprises use the same security stack to detect, monitor, manage and report cyber threats. According to the SANS 2017 SOC Report, 71% of firms have purchased at least 17 different prevention technologies, with 60% having 17 different detection capabilities. Its no wonder that the Interactive Cyber Defense (IACD) framework at John’s Hopkins Applied Physics Lab states that its important for security vendors to support a “Bring Your Own Enterprise” or BYOE approach to technology.


Adapt Security to the Needs of your Enterprise

Syncurity’s IR Flow security operations platform supports this BYOE approach by enabling teams to rapidly establish workflows based on security best practices. Syncurity’s built-in, extensible data model and integration framework, known as the Cyber Translation Framework (CTF), allows enterprises to easily adapt the platform’s workflows, data model and integrations to the skills, processes and tools available in your unique security environment. This unique approach enables rapid connectivity to other systems, reduces initial deployment from weeks to hours and rapidly aligns the platform to measurable business benefits.



  • Implement a BYO Enterprise Solution
  • Customize to Your People, Process and Tech
  • Integrate Your Security Stack
  • Improve the Effectiveness of Security Operations
  • Reduce deployment time and accelerate ROI


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