SaaS Providers

As the popularity of SaaS (Software as a Service) grows, providers face the same security challenges as on-premise environments. However, the lower total cost of ownership vs. on-premise brings other concerns from prospective customers. Realizing that the “Cloud” is not immune to cyber attacks, the number one reason preventing firms from moving to the cloud is security.


Virtualization has many benefits to SaaS providers. It enables them to maximize their assets and keep costs down by allowing one server to house several virtual machines that process and store data from a group of customers. If the server is compromised, so are the number of clients and their data.


Although SaaS is convenient and has several benefits including ease-of-use and access, it does create risks in open networks and mobile devices that are frequently subject to cyber threats. Controlling files and other business-critical information on the server is easier than in a cloud-based environment.


As SaaS progresses, so will the challenges of securing applications and data in the cloud. This will present issues for organizations that must adhere to regulatory compliance and legislation. Banks, government agencies, healthcare and other industries are required to adhere to their respective standards and regulations that SaaS providers will have to ensure are in place.


SaaS providers have been scrutinized for not deploying solid security measures, tools and solutions to protect their customers’ valuable data. At Syncurity, we are here to help with our IR Flow™ product that creates an incident response process in real-time that is an efficient and visible response to protect your customers’ business-critical data. IR Flow delivers best practice IR workflows to bring people, process, and technology together to enable quick and effective IR response by:


  • Enabling SaaS providers to easily implement an effective IR tool into their existing infrastructure
  • Rapidly establishing an incident response process
  • Adjusting and coordinating analysts and cross-team response in real-time
  • Retaining lessons learned
  • Providing reporting on the efficiency of the cybersecurity team



Syncurity IR Flow Intuitive GUI

Syncurity also offers deployment services for IR Flow by our world-class support engineers to ensure you get the maximum benefit of IR Flow for your exacting needs.

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