The retail industry has always been a favorite target for cyber threats. As new purchasing methods mature, cybercriminals now have various ways to attack and compromise a network, along with the more traditional transaction sources. Although retail has added more security layers and measures, there are still high profile attacks that have recently occurred. The retail industry has experienced numerous forms of attack including malware POS (Point of Sale), phishing and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) that have resulted in large amounts of data exfiltration.


Retail establishments have lost billions of dollars from cyber attacks, not to mention the loss of consumer confidence and the liability of stakeholders. These attacks have used various methods of infiltration from POS malware to hacking wireless networks, resulting in security breaches ranging from identity theft to fake credit card accounts. As information becomes more portable with online purchasing, social media and mobile and cloud applications, the risks and the various methods of attacks have greatly increased and will continue to do so.


How do retail establishments overcome these challenges? First, develop an in-depth security strategy that is efficient, proactive and initiates a fast response. Then create a streamlined and coordinated effort to contain the breach, assess the damage, eradicate the vulnerability, retain lessons learned and effectively use tools like Syncurity’s IR Flow™.


IR Flow enables retail establishments to initiate an incident response process in real-time to create an efficient and visible response for cybersecurity teams to mitigate risk. IR Flow delivers best practice IR workflows to bring people, process, and technology together to enable quick and effective IR response by:


  • Rapidly establishing an incident response process
  • Adjusting and coordinating analysts and cross-team response in real-time
  • Retaining lessons learned
  • Providing reporting on the efficiency of the cybersecurity team



Syncurity IR Flow Intuitive GUI

Syncurity also offers deployment services for IR Flow by our world-class support engineers to ensure you get the maximum benefit of IR-Flow for your exacting needs.

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