Managed IT Security

MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) face the daunting task of simultaneously monitoring large and small networks for their clients. The global challenge of information security and risk management is constantly changing, and the need to understand changes in the threat landscape and protect against vulnerabilities is a challenge to MSSPs. In addition, meeting the varying needs of customers to fulfil their own business requirements requires a high level of diligence for active threat management.


Managed security service providers struggle with scalability, automation, internal processes and professional expertise. Scalability is a problem that MSSPs constantly face since they are dealing with a growing client base that can greatly impact a core infrastructure that contains one-dimensional security tools.


Your customers are your partners, a relationship built on trust to safeguard their mission and business critical applications and the personal information of their customers. As threats become more frequent and complex, the ability to identify them, real and potential, is critical to take immediate action to protect your customers’ network and valuable assets.


MSSPs need to focus on techniques and tools to defend and respond effectively against cyberattacks. IR Flow™  by Syncurity® is the answer for MSSPs to initiate an incident response process in real-time and to create an efficient and visible response to protect your customers’ assets. IR Flow delivers best practice IR workflows to bring people, process, and technology together to enable quick and effective IR response by:


  • Delivering a purpose-built solution that is ideal for MSSPs
  • Rapidly establishing an incident response process
  • Adjusting and coordinating IR analysts and cross-team response in real-time
  • Retaining lessons learned
  • Providing reporting on the efficiency of the security team



Syncurity IR Flow Intuitive GUI

Syncurity also offers deployment services for IR Flow by our world-class support engineers to ensure you get the maximum benefit of IR Flow for your exacting needs.

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