With the value of stolen PHI approaching $50/record, electronic medical records are an enticing target for data thieves. The regulatory landscape of HIPAA, SOX, and PCI makes a data breach a costly event for healthcare providers responsible for protecting PHI and payment information stored in their networks.
Syncurity brings to healthcare an automated, streamlined IR process.  An actionable IR workflow brings people, process, and technology together to compress the time from event detection to disposition. We mitigate risk by increasing efficiency to enable a quick and effective response.  From phishing to unauthorized PHI access, IR Flow can help you reduce your risk by performing faster triage and containment of alerts and incidents.


IR Flow enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Help maintain regulatory compliance (HIPAA)
  • Eliminate false positives, enabling security teams to focus on more crucial events
  • Prevent and contain the exfiltration of personal data (birthdates, social security numbers, and payment account information)
  • Rapidly establish an incident response process
  • Adjust and coordinate analysts and cross team response in real-time
  • Retain lessons learned
  • Provide reporting on the efficiency of the security team



Syncurity IR Flow Intuitive GUI

Syncurity also offers deployment services for IR Flow by our world-class support engineers to ensure you get the maximum benefit of IR Flow for your exacting needs.

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 Download IR Flow Datasheet