Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure are assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy. These assets can be on the local, state, federal and international level. Overseeing and maintaining these assets requires complex and distributed networks that are used in the operation of necessary and essential services such as:


  • Treasury services
  • Gas and oil refineries
  • Water and power suppliers
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Public health facilities
  • Military installations
  • Emergency response systems (police, fire, ambulance)
  • Airport, highway and port operators
  • Agriculture companies


A successful cyberattack can have a debilitating impact on many levels of critical infrastructure systems that can affect security, public health and safety and economic conditions and can create severe catastrophic scenarios.


It is vital that critical infrastructure be protected from these cyber threats and that a high level of vigilance is maintained. In case of a cyberattack against critical infrastructure systems, it is imperative that a quick and effective response to mitigate, respond, investigate and retain information from the cyber incident is initiated.


With IR Flow™  from Syncurity®, cyber security teams can enable an efficient structure and process to respond to the incident and help contain the threat and the loss of data. IR Flow empowers these agencies to prepare for these incidents by establishing an incident response process in real-time that is efficient and visible for cyber security teams to minimize risk. As these threats become more frequent and complex, it is a necessity to use more effective tools. IR Flow does just that by:


  • Rapidly establishing an incident response process to help safeguard critical infrastructure systems
  • Adjusting and coordinating analysts and cross-team response in real-time
  • Retaining lessons learned
  • Providing reporting on the efficiency of the cyber security team



syncurity-GUISyncurity IR Flow Intuitive GUI


IR Flow creates an efficient streamlined IR process that delivers best practice IR workflows to bring people, process and technology together to enable quick and effective IR response.

Syncurity also offers deployment services for IR Flow by our world-class support engineers to ensure you get the maximum benefit of IR Flow for your exacting needs.

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