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Unintegrated Point Solutions

From SIEMs, Firewalls, and Intrusion Prevention to Threat Intelligence, Endpoint Security and Ticketing systems, enterprise security operations centers continue to deploy multiple complex point solutions into their security stack. According to the 2017 CISCO Annual Cybersecurity Report, over 55% of enterprises use products from at least 6 different vendors and 10% of enterprises use products from over 20 vendors, with varying degrees of integration.


Dozens of Point Solutions, Dozens of Screens

This leaves security analysts jumping between multiple security tools, dashboard interfaces and web browser tabs during various phases of the incident response lifecycle. From domain names and IP address lookups to malware databases and exploit marketplaces, security analysts have to learn and be trained on multiple systems, processes and workflows, all of which require familiarity and repetition to become comfortable with using during the urgency of a security breach, ransomware incident or phishing attack.


Streamline Security Operations that Adapt to Your Enterprise

Syncurity’s IR Flow security operations platform easily adapts to the workflow and automation needs of any enterprise, uniquely allowing “on-the-fly” customization, while integrating with individual point solutions to help enterprise security departments, MSSPs and SOCs of all sizes make their security processes more efficient and their analysts more effective, while generating a detailed system of record for reporting and compliance.


Manage Alerts and Incidents from a Central Location

Syncurity allows analysts to manage the entire incident response lifecycle and respond to urgent threats immediately without leaving the IR Flow interface. Analysts can push actions to or pull information from leading threat intelligence, endpoint security, and ticketing systems to dramatically reduce time to containment and remediation. Alerts are automatically enriched with relevant context from security tools without requiring analysts to open multiple browser tabs or run command line queries. No longer do analysts need to manage a disoriented array of security point solutions when dozens of integrations are available to manage alert handling and incident response from a single, unified security solution.



• Integrate Your Security Stack
• Manage Multiple Tools from a Single Interface
• Make Your Security Processes More Efficient
• Streamline Containment and Remediation
• Reduce Time Spent Training New Analysts


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