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Accountability and Audit

CISOs and SOC Managers are responsible for demonstrating the effectiveness of their people, processes and technology to reduce risk, shorten incident response timelines and demonstrate compliance. Yet most security point solutions have limited reporting capabilities or do not have the ability to show a unified view of security operations.


Capture the Granular Details Needed

Very few security automation systems maintain the data integrity or historical activity of the security operations team’s actions, instead of deleting alerts as they are processed without retaining the event timestamps for postmortem analysis of incident response timelines, analyst performance or objective measures of SOC effectiveness.


Enable a New Level of Visibility

Syncurity’s IR Flow is the industry’s only security operations platform built from the ground up to serve as an auditable security system of record, capturing and retaining events, details, and timestamps of every action taken, whether man or machine, including related internal e-mail and chat communications, to provide robust reporting and compliance capabilities. IR Flow contains business intelligence reporting capabilities that allow enterprises to tailor dashboards, charts, graphs, and reports to their unique business requirements.


Demonstrate Risk Reduction and Analyst Effectiveness

Unlike most security automation tools, our workflow engine records all event and activity timestamps, allowing CISOs and SOC Managers to focus on optimizing operations, demonstrating improvement and reducing business risk while simultaneously enabling better security outcomes. This enables teams to define unique operational metrics and assess and improve performance against these metrics over time.



• Create System of Record
• Generate Custom Reports in Real Time
• Reduce Time to Containment and Remediation
• Improve Analyst Performance and Risk Reduction
• Demonstrate Compliance


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