Trends in Fintech Security – Mobile Payment Apps, Risks & Cybersecurity

Fintech may still be in its early stages, but it’s seen tremendous growth and is expected to see global investments exceed $150 billion in 2017. With the proliferation of mobile apps, cybersecurity is extremely important. Trust is a key difference maker for customers, so fintech companies need to ensure that their sensitive client information stays secure.

Join this panel roundtable of cyber security experts as they discuss:
– The top cyber threats financial institutions are facing
– Ransomware, data loss & BCDR
– Mobile banking apps and security vulnerabilities
– Recommendations on improving security and establishing consumer trust

– Nathan Wenzler, Chief Security Strategist at AsTech Consulting
– JP Bourget, CSO of Syncurity
– Ted Eull, VP Privacy and Risk at NowSecure
– RJ Gazarek, Product Manager at Thycotic

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RSA 2017: JP Bourget on the Incident Response Hierarchy of Needs

JP Bourget, Chief Security Officer of Syncurity, provides an overview of the Incident Response Hierarchy of Needs during an interview with CybersecurityTV at the 2017 RSA Conference. Topics also include the hiring challenges and talent shortage within the cybersecurity sector, as well as the value of security automation tools to create efficiencies within the SOC to respond to threats consistently and repeatedly over time.

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RSA 2017: JP Bourget on Top Cyber Challenges for 2017

JP Bourget, Chief Security Officer of Syncurity, provides an in-depth conversation on the current state of information security, today’s threatscape and a discussion on the cyber industry. Topics up for discussion, include what’s to be learnt from the Yahoo breach revelations, cyber security and how it’s moved into the political sphere, the supposed Russian Hack of the US Elections and what it means for Cyber Warfare, the top challenges for US cyber teams in 2017, and trends in the threatscape, threat actors and motives.

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On-Demand Webinar: Addressing Security Analyst Fatigue in the SOC

This talk provides a look into the fatigue that we’ve observed in operating and managing security operations teams. We look at some of the causes, indicators, costs and prevention techniques to help internal Incident Response (IR) and security teams be more effective. In this on-demand webinar we explore solutions like tooling, cross-training, continuous rotations and explain the benefits of these approaches and why you should rethink how you run your SOC/CIRT/MSSP.

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