Not Every Alert is an Incident

Introducing IR Flow Triage Queue

Rapidly Handle Alerts to Get in Front of the Risk

IR Flow Force Multiplies your SOC, Combining Automated Enrichment with Human Validation


IR Flow’s Triage Queue is our approach to rapid-response alert handling inside an Incident Response Platform (IRP). IR Flow is the only IRP that treats alerts as a separate pre-investigation and/or pre-incident stage to the IR process. Only when you escalate an alert out of triage does it become the full fledged incident that involves the IR team and possibly the wider organization.

With IR Flow’s Triage Queue you gain:

  • The ability to rapidly identify likely true-positives
  • The reduction of repetitive, manual actions
  • Pre-planned triage check lists to validate alerts
  • The ability to triage more alerts
  • Automatic or semi-automatic triage of concerning alerts
  • Reduced reliance on a shared email box
  • Valuable analyst time previously spent on false positives

Our customers use triage to blend human validation with automated enrichment to quickly determine whether an alert needs to be escalated.

Reduce time to contain by using triage
to identify true positives and escalate them to the IR team faster 

IR Flow for automation and orchestration empowers your staff to do more, with the kind of consistency and accuracy that today’s high-stakes cybersecurity landscape demands.

Auto Enrichment 

Integrate existing security tools to gather alert context automatically; quickly sort, validate, and prioritize further action

Triage Check Lists

Stay in control and operate faster with automated procedures and correctly timed human validation.

System of Record

Capture all actions from analysts and automated check lists for later reference.

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