Industry push for cybersecurity orchestration solutions drives growth for Syncurity

ARLINGTON, Va., August 1, 2016 — Syncurity, the security orchestration company and creator of IR Flow, a rapid response cybersecurity operations platform, today announced the addition of Tim Sullivan and Tim Webb to their board of directors as well as successfully securing an additional round of funding.

Tim Sullivan – a successful entrepreneur with a 20-year record of building emerging technology companies, led the latest funding round and brings significant cybersecurity expertise to the Syncurity board. Sullivan most recently served as CEO of nPulse Technologies, which he sold to FireEye in 2014.  Prior to nPulse, he founded Fidelis Security Systems, which General Dynamics purchased in 2012.

Tim Webb – serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and a member of the Board of Directors for Fugue, Inc. Prior to Fugue, Webb was the founder and managing director of Inflection Point Ventures, a venture capital firm behind the financing and success of dozens of cybersecurity companies. Webb was the first money into Sourcefire, nPulse, and Fidelis Security Systems.

“Both of these men have incredible experience establishing, growing, and leading successful cybersecurity organizations, and we’re thrilled to have them join us,” said Syncurity CEO, J.P. Bourget.

With this new funding and with the board of director’s guidance, Syncurity will continue to enhance its collaborative and social security operations platform, IR Flow™, which manages alert handling and incident response management using security orchestration and automation. A graduate of the MACH37 cyber accelerator program, Syncurity has a fully realized security orchestration product that is already installed on multiple client sites.

“Cybersecurity analysts are drowning in alert data, but starved for actionable alert information,” said Tim Sullivan. “Security operations centers have major workflow challenges and one of the biggest is their need to burn down these massive haystacks of alert information to find the used needles inside. I invested in Syncurity because of their thoughtful approach to addressing this problem. J.P. and his team have the right vision for this market and they are executing aggressively against their plan.”

With alert volume and attack complexity at all-time highs, security professionals are recognizing cybersecurity orchestration and automation as required capabilities of a next-generation SOC. It is not only Syncurity’s approach to orchestration and their intense customer that appealed to both investors.

“Tim Sullivan and I have a long history working together,” said Tim Webb. “We have a good process. Tim finds and develops extremely strong organizations with real potential – and I invest in them. Syncurity has all of the makings of a successful cybersecurity service provider. They have an excellent product that is already deployed with multiple clients. They are agile, and they respond to their customers and the state of information security with real intelligence and poise.”

About Syncurity:

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