Syncurity Releases Industry’s Most Customizable Security Operations Platform to Help SOC Analysts Prioritize, Overcome Alert Fatigue

18 Jul Syncurity Releases Industry’s Most Customizable Security Operations Platform to Help SOC Analysts Prioritize, Overcome Alert Fatigue

IR Flow Offers Triage Scoring Engine and API Software Developer’s Kit to Quickly Identify the Most Critical Alerts and Align Security Resources


Arlington, VA, July 18, 2017 — Syncurity, a market leader in the security operations automation and orchestration space launched out of the Mach37 Cyber Accelerator, today announced the immediate availability of several new advanced features for its Security Operations platform, IR Flow. These features support IR Flow’s existing “on-the-fly” customization capabilities to speed deployment and optimize resources through the separation of alert handling and incident management processes.


Additionally, the new components enable organizations to combat analyst alert fatigue by strategically incorporating Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel at key decision points, and provide visualization and reporting of IR Flow’s detailed security “System of Record” for performance measurement, process improvement, and compliance.


IR Flow’s unique “Bring Your Own Enterprise” (BYOE) approach enables companies to quickly and easily adapt workflow and automation to their unique business processes and security technologies, regardless of team size and maturity. The newest features include:


  • Triage Scoring Engine (TSE) – The patent-pending Triage Scoring Engine (TSE) allows customers to define risk based on their unique enterprise requirements and dynamically score incoming and existing alerts based on their custom risk definition. This enables rapid identification of critical alerts, improving the effectiveness of limited resources and, ultimately, leads to better cybersecurity outcomes such as reduced time to containment and remediation.
  • API Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) – With the IR Flow API Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), customers can configure integrations to custom software or tools that do not have out-of-the-box connectors, within hours. Rather than requiring specialized skills or resources, analysts can quickly and easily define integrations and align disparate systems based on their organization’s unique IT and security technologies and processes.
  • Embedded Business Intelligence Engine for Dashboards and Reporting – The Embedded Business Intelligence Engine leverages the detailed System of Record generated by IR Flow to enable enterprises to produce standard and ad hoc reports. Customers can also create dashboards for specific roles within the organization including lead analysts, SOC managers, and CISOs. The combination of IR Flow’s System of Record and the Business Intelligence Engine provides an unprecedented level of visibility and accountability for continuous improvement, audit compliance and Board of Director reporting.


“Despite their organizations deploying the best cyber security tools available, today’s SOC analysts are drowning under a tidal wave of security alerts – often without adequate resources to effectively triage and respond to alerts in a timely manner,” said Syncurity CEO, John Jolly. “In an environment where less than 10 percent of all security alerts are reviewed by SOC personnel, Syncurity is delivering a platform that is customizable to customers’ unique deployments and needs. We are enabling companies to better align their security resources and staff to rapidly identify and address the most critical threats.”


The newest IR Flow features are available immediately for customers. To learn more about Syncurity’s IR Flow platform, visit


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Syncurity™ optimizes and integrates people, process, and technology to realize better cybersecurity outcomes and accelerate security operations teams by delivering an agile incident response platform. Syncurity’s IR Flow platform uniquely allows “on the fly” customization to speed deployment, separates alert handling from incident management processes to increase efficiency, incorporates human analysts for more accuracy, and generates a detailed security “System of Record” that enables reporting and measurement, process improvement and compliance demonstration. With pre-built integrations that enable context enrichment and automated action across the security stack, IR Flow empowers security teams to reduce alert triage and escalation time by over 80 percent and implement consistent, repeatable, and auditable processes for incident handling. For more information, visit


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