How Do You Ensure That Your Business Stays in Business? Evolve Your Security Operations.


Synchronize Your Team, Tools,
and Playbook in a Virtual SOC

We force multiply your security team

By synchronizing your security operations, you multiply your incident response team’s performance. Our IR-Flow solution, a rapidly deployable cybersecurity incident response (IR) platform, helps security professionals streamline their operations, embed smart compliance, and transition to a collaborative IR process to produce better outcomes. This incident response platform, essentially a virtual SOC, is scalable from small business to large enterprise deployments, and MSSPs.

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Two Solutions. One Product.

Streamlined Operations

It’s not a matter of doing more with less. It’s about doing the right things, at the right time, the right way, every time.

  • Coordinated actions
  • Standard processes
  • Consistent execution
  • Fewer errors
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Incident response ticketing

Smart Compliance

Don’t make compliance an activity you bolt on as an afterthought. It should be a persistent function that is integrated with your SOC operations.

  • Standardize workflow to policy
  • Demonstrate compliance
  • System of record
  • Automated compliance features

How Our IR Platform Works

Syncurity IR-Flow is a workflow-driven incident response platform (IRP) that acts as the heart of your operations. Analysts can orchestrate tools, people, and automated, semi-automated and human processes to best protect your enterprise.

Get On the Same Page

Syncurity provides a digital workspace that enables better coordination of security operations. Teams can work together to contain and remediate breaches leveraging an incident response system.

  • Coordinate actions
  • Request assistance
  • Share insight
  • Build better processes
  • Learn from each other

Prioritize What Matters

Every alert costs you time, money and effort.

So work smarter. Syncurity IR-Flow reduces incident response times by as much as 80%. It weeds out the duplicate or erroneous alerts so your staff can remain focused on real threats. This enables them to respond faster, ensuring a safer operating environment and greater ROI for your organization.

Speed Your Response

Kill repetitive busywork and accelerate incident response with reusable IR workflows. From simple to complex, custom workflows reduce errors and improve productivity with predictable outcomes.

Keep the analyst-in-the-loop. Automate when needed, and manually intervene when necessary. Pivot your response based on real-time information.

Track Progress and Report

Gain real-time visibility of your enterprise complete with trending and reporting. Measure analyst performance and review post-incident assessments.

Use the information to make better risk- based business decisions

Record Your Actions

Don’t let the fog of crisis leave you blinded to the actions taken. Automatically capture all actions, from alerts through investigations, as a system of record.

  • Keep a real-time incident chronology
  • Know who did what to respond
  • Save the context not just the action

Learn from your responses and improve your operational efficiency.


Enhanced Alert Management

Automated System of Record

Predictable Outcomes with Measures

Standardized Operations with Consistent Processes

Intuitive Interface that Complements Your Analysts' Normal Actions

Systemized Reporting

Expert System that Continues to Deliver Increasing Value

Custom Playbooks to Reduce Repetitive Actions

Automated Enrichments for Real Time Context

Collaboration Feed for Team Coordination

Audit Capability

Customer First Approach

Our proven customer onboarding process ensures Syncurity’s incident response platform deploys smoothly, calibrates simply and ensures faster time to value. We complement your current technology stack without adding additional alerts or overhead for your staff.



key requirements and conduct Proof of Concept testing



your team on product usage and best practices



frequent contact to ensure the product is performing to expectations



your feedback and recommendations for future enhancement



release updates and keep you informed about new enhancements and features

You get real results fast.




We focus on empowering your team because they will always be the most valuable part of your security response.


We keep things simple, quick and agile. We compliment your operations and integrate with what you have, allowing you to work faster and smarter.


We listen. IR-Flow, incident response platform, is built and improved through our customer communities’ shared experiences. Your work and your feedback matter.