IR-Flow Platform

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Schedule a demo of Syncurity’s award-winning IR-Flow platform, which combines security orchestration, automation, alert handling and incident response into a single, unified security solution that allows analysts to triage heavy volumes of security alerts in seconds, rapidly reduce false positives and escalate high-risk incidents for containment and remediation within minutes. Syncurity provides the industry’s only security operations platform purpose-built by security analysts for security analysts to address the challenges caused by alert overload, staff shortages, manual processes and isolated point solutions.


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  • Implement consistent, repeatable security workflows
  • Automate repetitive tasks to improve analyst efficiency
  • Enrich alerts automatically to identify true positives faster
  • Accelerate alert triage and incident response time
  • Deploy pre-built playbooks, checklists and integrations
  • Generate customized incident and analyst reports in real time

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