IR-Flow Platform

Reporting & Compliance

Most security teams struggle to measure the efficiency, effectiveness and ROI of their security operations. Even basic reports can take days or weeks and require manual or labor-intensive processes in order to re-construct the forensic history of alerts and incidents.


Collect Data for any Business Use Case

IR-Flow captures every action, timestamp and related communications automatically via a native reporting engine and business intelligence framework. By uniquely capturing all relevant actions as well as relevant communications, IR-Flow provides an auditable security system of record.


Build Custom Reports in Minutes

IR-Flow’s powerful and extensible data model allows users to build custom reports and dashboards around any set of metrics within the database. IR-Flow ships with pre-built reports for analysts, managers and executives that highlight performance metrics for security operations, risk reduction and regulatory compliance.


Measure Ongoing Performance

IR-Flow provides a detailed chronology of events associated with every alert and incident, regardless of whether it was human or machine-initiated. IR-Flow’s performance metrics are designed to address the needs of audit reviews, regulatory compliance and underwriting requirements.




  • Capture all activity and communications
  • Report on any element in the database
  • Build customized dashboards by role
  • Visualize alert and incident handling
  • Demonstrate compliance with security processes


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