IR Flow Platform

Customer Success Program

At Syncurity we believe that a Security Operations platform provider should have continuous customer engagement to support evolving process maturity, develop needed platform enhancements and to share accountability for measured improvement. Syncurity is uniquely committed to supporting both mature teams with highly-defined processes as well as less mature teams on this journey.


Work With a Full-Time Customer Success Manager

Syncurity has established a full-time Customer Success program that assigns an individual to each customer for the sole purpose of maintaining this ongoing relationship. This Customer Success Manager is responsible for ensuring customers are leveraging the platform to its full capability by reinforcing key features, facilitating updates/upgrades, reviewing dashboards and reports, as well as connecting customers with Product Management Executives to provide product roadmap and strategy input.


Receive Ongoing Support and Quarterly Review Periods

We partner with our customers during the sales and renewal process to define success criteria up front and hold ourselves accountable for meeting those objectives with a formal quarterly review process. Syncurity executives have a strong security and incident response heritage and our team members pride themselves on going the extra mile to ensure our customers receive excellent and timely support.


Influence IR Flow Product Development

By uniquely structuring the customer relationship around a continuous dialogue, Syncurity is able to evolve IR Flow as a platform and the customer’s security team is able to mature in the sophistication of their operations. This virtual extension of the team connects customers with Syncurity product strategy and direction, as well as an extended community of users.



  • Establish direct relationship with Syncurity
  • Work with a Customer Success Manager
  • Ensure quick and complete implementation
  • Achieve desired risk reduction
  • Maintain continuity of services


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