Our Company

Syncurity™ optimizes and integrates people, process and technology to realize better cybersecurity outcomes and accelerate security operations teams by delivering an agile incident response platform. 

We make your security operations center (SOC) more powerful by delivering a security automation & orchestration platform that can be delivered and made operational in hours. We accelerate your people by giving them tightly integrated alert and incident response workflows that speed response and solidify operational process. We understand that your SOC is a business. Our incident response solutions are designed to deploy rapidly and calibrate smoothly to create immediate operational value by reducing risk, and making your limited resources more productive.

Our Beliefs

1. Customer First

SOCs face dynamic and persistent threats 24×7. We understand your focus needs to be on defeating the adversary, not on our product. Our technology is designed to create immediate value by deploying initial capability in hours. Our customer success program ensures every customer gains value from their investment, immediately and rapidly.

2. Technology Enables Team

We believe that a SOC’s most important asset is its team, not its technology. This belief is at the heart of our company. We provide an incident response platform that makes average analysts better, and good analysts great. Contrary to recent marketing hype, the magic is not in full incident response automation; the magic comes from enabling team collaboration on a foundation of repeatable incident response workflows.

3. Collaborative Reusable Processes

We believe that coordinated, useful action produces better security. This is why we developed IR Flow, a collaborative incident response platform that enables teams to work smarter and faster by leveraging reusable workflows and automated enrichment. IR Flow speeds your response, reduces analyst fatigue and creates better security outcomes.

Syncurity Provides a Rapidly Deployable Incident Response Solution That
Allows Analysts to Create Consistent, Repeatable Workflows.

Where We Come From

In 2012, Syncurity Founder and Chief Security Officer JP Bourget was a network security manager for a global manufacturing company, helping resolve threat concerns and incidents in the U.S., U.K., China and other nations. But, he also wanted to participate in a cross-country charity bike ride to raise funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. When he was informed he could not have the summer off to complete the ride, JP made the tough decision to leave the company and accomplish his goal.

Along the way, he encountered rugged terrain, stiff headwinds, epic downpours and punishing heat. “You learn a lot about yourself with this kind of experience,” he says. “You must monitor your physical conditioning with respect to your capability to cycle through it all. You have to come up with both a nutrition plan and a hydration plan. You need food and water, obviously. But you can’t have too much.”

While preparing for the trip and upon his return, JP worked as a security consultant, advising CISOs about cyberthreats and working on making Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products more compatible and effective for his clients.

But “lessons learned” during that biking adventure never left him. In fact, they led to a core philosophy that eventually served as the foundation for Syncurity, which he founded in 2014.

By August of the same year, Syncurity was selected by MACH37™, America’s premier market-centric cybersecurity accelerator as a member of its Fall 2014 cohort. Less than a year later, Syncurity launched IR Flow, an incident response platform, and signed the company’s first Fortune-500 customer.

“When you bike across the country, you develop a process to manage elements, your conditioning, your food and water intake and other factors,” JP says. “You don’t just start pedaling without considering all of this. I discovered that the same applies to incident response. If you receive an alert and need to take six steps to determine whether an incident is a major threat that requires response, you should turn those steps into a smooth process that you can repeat every time.”

And thus, Syncurity and IR Flow were born.

“Just as biking is about more than pedaling,” he continues, “cybersecurity is about more than just technology. Like biking, it poses mental challenges as well, so it’s about people too. If you ignore this, you are missing a critical component of any network protection program. When we built IR Flow, the goal was to help companies get the most out of their cybersecurity investments by aligning people and processes to triage and remediate alerts.

Every organization needs a flexible platform that helps them prevail in the “race” against cyber threats, one that helps them manage their needs and the elements. This means optimizing and integrating people, processes and technology to realize better cybersecurity outcomes and accelerate security operations teams – And that’s what Syncurity does.

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