About Syncurity

We Synchronize Your Incident Response Team, Tools, and Playbook in a Virtual SOC

Our Company

Syncurity™  optimizes and integrates people, process and technology to realize better cybersecurity outcomes and accelerate your security operations teams by delivering an agile incident response platform. 

We make your security operations center (SOC) more powerful by delivering a fully-realized incident response platform that can be delivered and made operational today. We accelerate your people by giving them tightly integrated incident response workflow solutions that speed response and clarify operational process.  We understand that your SOC is a business. Our incident response solutions are designed to deploy rapidly and calibrate smoothly to create immediate operational value.

Our Beliefs

1. Customer First

SOCs face dynamic and persistent threats 24×7. We understand your focus needs to be on defeating the adversary, not on our product. Our technology is designed to create immediate value by deploying initial capability in hours. Our customer success program ensures every customer gains value from their investment, immediately and rapidly.

2. Technology Enables Team

We believe that a SOC’s most important asset is its team, not its technology. This belief is at the heart of our company. We provide an incident response platform that makes average analysts better, and good analysts great. Contrary to recent marketing hype, the magic is not in full incident response automation; the magic comes from enabling team collaboration on a foundation of repeatable incident response workflows.

3. Collaborative Reusable Processes

We believe that coordinated, useful action produces better security. This is why we developed IR-Flow, a collaborative incident response platform that enables teams to work smarter and faster by leveraging reusable workflows and automated enrichment. IR-Flow speeds your response, reduces analyst fatigue and creates better security outcomes.

Syncurity Helps Security Operations and Incident Response Leaders Respond Faster and
Realize Greater Value for Their Investments in Infrastructure and Personnel.

Our Leadership Team



President and CEO

John Jolly, President and CEO of Syncurity and has over 30 years of experience in the security industry.  Prior to joining Syncurity John was a Vice President and General Manager at General Dynamics where he led a large portfolio of commercial and Federal cybersecurity business, including the digital forensics incident-response practice responsible for responding to and resolving some of the largest security breaches in history.  John also led the acquisition of Fidelis Security Systems, a market leading network software security business, in order to reposition General Dynamics existing digital forensics and incident response business within the commercial network security space.


John is a contributing author to the first edition of the Cybercrime Investigation Body of Knowledge, which was published in May 2017 by Trend Micro, and a member of the advisory boards at the University of Maryland Baltimore County Cybersecurity Incubator and the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship. He is also a mentor at the Mach37 Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) Cybersecurity Accelerator in Herndon VA, and a member of the advisory board for CounterTack, a next-generation endpoint company located in Boston, MA.  John holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer and Information Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a master’s degree in Program and Organization Management from Johns Hopkins University, and an MBA in Finance with honors from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


JP Bourget

Chief Security Officer

JP Bourget, Founder and Chief Security Officer of Syncurity, has over 10 years experience in Cybersecurity. Over the past 5 years JP has focused on Incident Response, SIEM and Network Security Management.  JP is was a founding  organizer of BSides Rochester, a local, free Information Security Conference. In 2013, JP was a participant and organizer of Cycle Override, a 2700 mile cross country bicycle ride from Virginia to San Francisco, by way of Defcon 21, in order to raise Information Security awareness and raise money for the Electronic Frontier Organization. (@EFF)  Prior to forming Syncurity, JP was Network Security Manager for a $200 million global manufacturing company, with presence in USA, Europe and China. JP was an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, teaching undergraduate classes in Network Security and Forensics.  JP has a MS in computer security and information assurance and has a bunch of those alphabetical things called certs.


Tom Young

Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Tom Young, EVP of Worldwide Sales at Syncurity, has over 25 years of technology sales and marketing expertise, leading global sales teams, developing successful go-to-market strategies and driving triple-digit revenue growth for both emerging startups and established technology firms in the enterprise software and cybersecurity industries. Prior to joining Syncurity, Tom led large enterprise sales for the Mid-Atlantic region at Zscaler, a cloud-based internet security startup. In his previous role, Tom spent 10 years in commercial enterprise security sales for Symantec, where he built a proven track record of 7-figure enterprise technology transactions with Fortune 500 firms and managed a team that exceeded $60M of net new revenue in quota, the company’s largest globally.


Previously, Tom served as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Platform Logic, a host-based intrusion protection system startup, where he developed and implemented all aspects of the go-to-market strategy that led to an acquisition by Symantec. He also served as SVP of Marketing and Sales for OneSoft, a B2B e-commerce firm, that sold to Etensity, Inc. Prior to that, he served as VP of a newly formed business unit within Manugistics, a supply chain application provider, which was later sold to JDA Software. Tom started his career at Accenture, where he led engagements with Fortune 500 firms in the U.S. and Europe. Tom holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park and he also completed coursework at Stanford in strategic marketing for high technology companies.



Senior Vice President Engineering

Michael Deale serves Syncurity as its Vice President of Engineering, responsible for development and delivery of the IR-flow product.  He has been a software executive for 20+ years and has written enterprise grade software applications for over 30 years.  Over the span of his career he has done everything from being the first programmer for a start-up to CEO of a public software company.  Mr Deale “grew up” professionally in Silicon Valley, where he was the chief programmer, architect and visionary for Red Pepper Software which was sold to PeopleSoft for ~$220 million dollars.

Board of Directors

JP Bourget






Our Advisors



Senior Manager, Security Operations at Box



Incident Response Expert, CIRT Team Builder

Syncurity Provides a Rapidly Deployable Incident Response Solution That
Allows Analysts to Create Consistent, Repeatable Workflows.

Where We Come From

Starting a company is like any adventure. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or riding a bike across the United States, you need  passion, commitment, and total ownership of the days, both good and bad. Technology can make things easier, but ultimately it’s the people doing the work that make the difference.

Syncurity’s founder, JP Bourget,  saw evidence of these facts while working security consulting engagements around the globe. Everywhere he went, there were SOCs filled with great people that were struggling to succeed. They had the passion, the commitment, and the ability to own problems, but they were constantly being undermined by poor tools, scattershot procedures and overwhelming threat volumes.

This discovery gave birth to the idea behind Syncurity and their first product, IR-Flow.  JP and his team knew if they could standardize incident response; remove unnecessary, repetitive tasks; and provide consistent, reusable workflows, then they could make organizations safer and improve cybersecurity efforts.

With this mission in mind, Syncurity formed in early 2014. By August of the same year, they were selected by MACH37™, America’s premier market-centric cybersecurity accelerator as a member of the Fall 2014 cohort. Less than a year later, Syncurity had launched IR-Flow, an incident response platform, and signed their first Fortune-500 customer.

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