• SentinelOne and Syncurity IR-Flow, Integration Demonstration

    See how the SentinelOne EDR and IR-Flow SOAR platforms orchestration and automate identifying, validating, and containing cyber risks faster using the autonomous endpoint technology.   Related Information SentinelOne, Syncurity, Press Release SentinelOne and Syncurity IR-Flow SOAR Platform Integration White Paper: Reduce Phishing in the SOC...

  • ServiceNow SOAR Integrations Now Available

    As the SOAR market shifts from early adopters to the early majority, a familiar trend toward ease of use has emerged that’s reminiscent of the enterprise server market two decades ago.


    Version 2.0 – Thank you to all of you that submitted suggestions and comments on our first version of this blog. Many of us had a great discussion about this during and after ArchC0n. We were hoping this would kick-start some discussion and have since…

  • 3 Scariest Things About Your Security Program

    Halloween is a uniquely American tradition of scary movies, costumes, parties and of course, the candy-crazed-trick-or-treaters. While you binge watch the new Netflix series, “The Haunting of Hill House,” and answer the doorbell to hand out handfuls of sugar-infused treats, it might be worth thinking about the really scary risks lurking in your Security Program.

  • Syncurity Certifies Six (6) Cisco Solutions as New Member of Cisco Security Technology Alliance (CSTA)

    Syncurity, a market leader in Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), is excited about being a newly announced member of the Cisco Security Technology Alliance: Syncurity has certified six key Cisco Security technologies with the award-winning Syncurity IR-Flow SOAR platform, available through the online...

  • Three Reasons SOAR is Needed to Secure Healthcare IoT Medical Devices

    In his published research, “Evolving IoT Security Risks Demand New Approaches from Healthcare Delivery Organizations,” ID G00355342, Gartner Analyst, Gregg Pessin, provides key insights into the profound impact Internet of Things (IoT) medical devices have on security along with recommendations to address the growing risk.

  • How Security Automation Can Reduce Patch Management Cycle Time And Risk

    Ask any Security or IT professional and they will tell you that patch management is a never-ending process of identifying and remediating ongoing vulnerabilities that often lead to security breaches. Spectre and Meltdown are prime examples of recent vulnerabilities that have severely impacted the Healthcare industry,