Enterprises Tackle Today’s Cyber Threats with Security Operations Platforms

08 Jun Enterprises Tackle Today’s Cyber Threats with Security Operations Platforms

With high alert volumes and IT staffing shortages, today’s organizations are more exposed than ever to cyber risks. These challenges, coupled with an excess of manual processes and disjointed point solutions, create a bleak outlook for companies defending against the latest attacks.

To address these issues, many are turning to security orchestration solutions, which connect existing tools to enhance simplicity and efficiency while encouraging greater contextual analysis within the security product environment. As part of their security orchestration initiatives, enterprises frequently deploy automation solutions that codify workflows or leverage script-driven performance of tasks – or incorporate full machine-based automation.

The potential impact brings much promise: according to research from Enterprise Strategy Group, 77 percent of IT and cybersecurity professionals believe that orchestration/automation tools will lead to the investigation of more alerts. Given this, it’s not surprising that the security orchestration segment is expected to increase from $826 million last year to nearly $1.7 billion by 2021 – a growth rate of 15.3 percent a year, according to a forecast from MarketsandMarkets.

To maximize the speed and efficiency in which they identify and address potential threats, many IT teams are turning to customizable security operations platforms that automate alert and incident handling processes, but retain the ability to incorporate human judgment and input. These platforms integrate and orchestrate point solutions to quickly neutralize threats while generating an auditable record to measure process effectiveness and demonstrate compliance. With other incident detection and mitigation approaches, the “people factor” is often overlooked. But, at Syncurity, we believe that the complete integration of people, processes, and technology as enabled by security operations platforms deliver the following benefits:

  • Optimal functionality by establishing distinct workflow and automation for both alert handling (triage) and incident (case) management
  • Pre-built integrations with other security system components, including sensors, endpoint detection/response and security information and event management (SIEMs) – as well as external ticketing and IT operations management systems.
  • Easy to customize and align with an organization’s unique processes and technologies (“Bring Your Own Enterprise”)
  • Interactive dashboards and reporting for multiple roles, including analysts, security operations managers and chief information security officers (CISOs)
  • Retention of all human and machine-generated activity and internal communications for audit and compliance reporting

Our IR Flow solution provides all of this – and more – to customers. It’s a security operations platform that allows businesses to swiftly and easily adapt workflow and automation to their unique business processes and technologies, regardless of team size or maturity. IR Flow separates alert handling from incident management, applying a patent-pending Triage Scoring Engine (TSE) to enable rapid identification of high risk-alerts for manual and/or machine inspection. The TSE immediately reduces false positives – effectively “burning down the haystack” – to identify true positives and escalate to incidents faster.

IR Flow automates security operations efforts through customizable “Playbook Templates.” But, unlike other products, it seamlessly incorporates human analysts into the loop as needed to ensure more accurate results. Most importantly, IR Flow captures and retains details of every action taken, whether machine or human-initiated – in addition to associated internal communications – to create an auditable security system of record to support robust reporting and compliance requirements.

At Syncurity, we recognize that cyber attacks are continuing to increase in volume and complexity. We understand that IT teams are often overwhelmed by it all, unable to distinguish actual threats from the “noise.” This is why – instead of simply selling another point solution, we have built a well-integrated security orchestration/security operations platform strategy to maximize the value of our customers’ teams and technological assets. If this sounds like something you’d like to discuss further, then please contact us.

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