Vote for Syncurity in the Startup50 Big 50 Tech Startup Competition!

24 May Vote for Syncurity in the Startup50 Big 50 Tech Startup Competition!

We at Syncurity take pride in our ability to bring people, processes, and technology together to help our customers realize better cybersecurity outcomes and accelerate their security operations teams. We think of every Security Operations Center (SOC) as an individual business – one that must be understood on its own merits to create a truly agile and effective cybersecurity environment.

This kind of unique approach can distinguish a relatively new company from the pack, and we’re working to earn recognition for our efforts. Syncurity is in the midst of Startup50’s “Big50” tech startup competition, which features everything from companies just exiting stealth mode to more established, VC-backed organizations.

As in business, this competition is based on the premise of “survive and advance” – and that’s where we need you! Voting for the Startup50 “Big50” is now open until Tuesday, May 30 at 5 p.m. PT, and we invite you to vote for Syncurity daily. You may “cast your ballot” at

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You are allowed to vote once each day. (But, please, just once. We’re honest folks and would never encourage anyone to “stuff the ballot box.” Besides, Startup50 promises that “cheaters will be penalized or disqualified.”)
  • Also, you can vote for up to five companies, but voting is weighted. So, if you really think highly of us, please mark us as #1 when you vote!


So, please take a moment to vote for us. We like to think of Syncurity as a community as opposed to “strictly business.” And, with recognition like this, we can demonstrate how special our community is. (And please share this blog/invite others to vote on your social networks if you can!)

Thanks again!

JP Bourget is Founder and Chief Security Officer of Syncurity.

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