Blue Team Analysts Assemble

30 Aug Blue Team Analysts Assemble

There Are Superheroes Among Us On Our Blue Teams

Our superheroes are Incident Response experts who wield their knowledge skillfully. Ferreting out the villains who hide in the shadows. Fending off a steady stream of attackers who would penetrate our fortresses (aka server rooms and data stores). And often, need to come together as a team to defeat a particularly fearsome foe.

Because no matter how much you love Iron Man or root for Captain America, you know it’s only a matter of time before their individual powers won’t be enough….“Avengers Assemble!” and they’ll all pull together to oppose the enemy.

Blue Team superheroes don’t wear capes and tights, so we largely go unheralded….but wouldn’t it be nice to have a rallying cry? A call to collaborate and a way to draw together as a unit?

Analysts Assemble!

Teamwork is essential…for superheroes on screen or in our Security Operations Centers (SOCs). In the Avengers, the rallying cry “assemble” means pull together, it is the force multiplier that amplifies their individual efforts so they can defeat the enemy.

Our security teams need to heed the same call. Synchronizing their efforts in a collaborative workspace is the advantage that allows apparently overmatched teams to successfully defend the enterprise.

And it is an imperative given today’s talent shortage. “More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. are unfilled, and postings are up 74% over the past five years”…odds are right now you have a critical role that is going unfilled.

Exhausted by an unrelenting barrage of alerts and notifications, a lone senior analyst may be distracted by a stream of minor incidents while a major risk goes uninvestigated. Alone, your analysts are going down fighting, but they are going down.

Collaboration Produces Better Outcomes

Collaborative IR processes produce better outcomes. Teams can respond faster and with better information by working together.

Ever wonder how superheroes seem to know just who to fight? Somehow they all target, attack and beat their foes. With a collaborative IR system, you can make sure your analysts have the same advantage.  Using a system like IR Flow and shifting the most critical tasks to the best-trained resources, allows each individual to make a greater impact. Each can follow a cooperative plan of attack where everyone knows the right workflows and associated tasks to complete.

And a shared workspace specifically configured for IR, with automated enrichment, file storage and even email and chat capability that connects the messages to the incident, ensures handoffs won’t be lost in a barrage of software tools like SharePoint, PowerPoint, Slack, etc.

Finally, even superheroes look back to evaluate their performance and identify what they can do better. With an automatic audit trail, an IR system can ensure valuable insights don’t get lost in the fog of response. You can measure your team’s success and make adjustments based on the post-event learnings.

Collaborative, synchronized security empowers your analysts and achieves better outcomes. Even with superheroes on our team, it is imperative for us to unite our efforts against the onslaught of notifications and alerts.

Blue Team, Analysts Assemble!

Ready to learn more? Check out Syncurity IR Flow and learn how leveraging an incident response system enables your team to work together more effectively to contain and remediate breaches.

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