Shmoocon Labs 2011 Part Ib – My iodd ISO presenting (as a CD) hard drive (revived!)

03 Feb Shmoocon Labs 2011 Part Ib – My iodd ISO presenting (as a CD) hard drive (revived!)

EDIT: Here’s one place to buy these — iODD seems to be the OEM vendor — and they are available around branded differently and with different model numbers.

So after we got down to labs around 9am Thursday, we started to install some Linux and Windows OSes. One of the things we did ahead of time was create a spread sheet of requirements (such as what VMs and ISOs) of software needed and I loaded them all up on my iodd drive.

What is an iodd drive you ask? This is an iodd drive:

What this drive does is allow you to put a whole bunch of .iso files into a directory called “_ISO” on the first partition and it will then let you scroll through them and pick one to present to the OS or BIOS as mounted CD/DVD/BD drive. Great for booting VMs, installing OSes, or running live CDs, all while having them all at your fingertips and not having to create bootable USB flash drives. “Written another way: iodd can run as a virtual CD-ROM as well as an external memory storage. ” (iodd documentation)

iodd also has a locking feature, as well as has the ability to only present a CD, only a HDD, or Both to the OS. You can also create 2 partitions and it also support exFAT with a firmware upgrade. Here is a link to the website: and the documentation:

Here are a few screenshots of the display. When the CD icon is displayed – that means we have selected an ISO and are presenting it as a CD/DVD/BD drive to our computer.

All screenshots credited to:

If anyone is wondering if I was able to get my formatted i-odd working again – I was! It’s all reloaded and we’re good!

Finally – according to there is a flash version on the way! Awesome!

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