Blog Post: Do you read IBM Redbooks?

02 Sep Blog Post: Do you read IBM Redbooks?

I was doing some Amazon searching on some security topics, and aside from Anton Chuvakin’s awesome book reviews, I ran across some IBM Redbooks. A professor long ago in undergrad pointed us there for something, and I forgot all about them!

For example, I’m looking for some ways to gain some performance on some IBM xSeries rackmount servers, and what do I find? A redbook on Tuning IBM System xServers for Performance (Aug 2009)

There are some other interesting ones I found with a quick search:

These Redbooks are of pretty good quality, while full of technical detail, not hard for someone learning to follow. Some of them understandingly have an IBM tint to them, but it’s not overbearing in what I’ve read so far.  And best of all they are free!

What online resources have you found to be invaluable? Have you used any Redbooks for a research or work project?

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