Synchronize your

Security Operations

Implement a repeatable, scalable, auditable process across your entire security operations and incident response lifecycle.

IR Flow Security Operations & Incident Response Platform

Streamlined Security for Every Size SOC

IR Flow combines the industry’s most comprehensive security operations solutions into a single, integrated, web-based platform:



Triage Alerts
up to 80% Faster



Remediate Threats
in Minutes


& Automation

Integrate your
existing Security Stack


& Compliance

Generate reports
in real-time

IR Flow™

Security Operations &

Incident Response Platform

  • Implement consistent, repeatable security workflows
  • Automate repetitive tasks to improve analyst efficiency
  • Reduce false positives and alert volume per analyst
  • Accelerate alert triage and incident response time
  • Deploy pre-built playbooks, checklists and integrations
  • Generate real-time incident performance reports

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Initial Deployment in Hours not Days

The Security Operations Platform of Choice for maximizing ROI and Time to Value.

Force Multiply

your Security Team

Triage alerts up to 80 percent faster allowing analysts to focus on critical alerts first and take action in minutes not hours

Create Better

Security Outcomes

Streamline the entire incident response lifecycle, delivering better security outcomes and time to value.

Striking the Right Balance

Syncurity is the only Security Operations and Incident Response solution that

provides the right balance between Workflow and Automation

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