Use IR-Flow to remediate incidents before they become breaches

Streamlined security alert and incident response management.

Too many organizations manage security events, investigations, and incidents with spreadsheets and email. IR-Flow, our security alert and incident response management system combines best-practice workflows with the ability to capture knowledge and measure performance, and helps IR teams learn quickly and improve continuously.


Time Saving Workflow

IR-Flow leads analysts through the steps after security alerting to properly triage a security alert. If an incident is detected, apply the appropriate response plan, and see that through to containment and remediation.


Cross Team Collaboration

We provide the tools to effectively collaborate across your organization during an incident or breach. We make it easy for the required stakeholders to participate, and give the CISO visibility into the current status of ongoing incidents.


Expert Built Playbooks

Our experts have worked on some of the largest breaches in the past decade. We leverage this experience to bring your company mature security incident response playbooks.


Improve efficiency and security effectiveness

Syncurity Networks's IR-FLOW software brings structure and predictability to your workflow. We help to streamline the existing IR process to consistently achieve faster remediation and measurable results.


Remediate incidents before they become breaches

Using IR-FLOW, organizations can execute planned response, reducing the chance that a security incidents actually becomes a breach.  IR-FLOW allows you to take lessons learned and feed them back in to future response activities.


Gain real-time visibility and insight

CISOs and Incident Response Managers can now see the real time status of open incidents without sorting through emails and spreadsheets. IR-Flow allows organizations to always know the status of critical incidents.