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You wouldn’t leave confidential files lying around the office where anyone could read them and similarly you should also ensure that your IT systems are safe from prying eyes. A secure network is not just about defense; it’s about proactively monitoring your systems too – in fact Network Security Monitoring (NSM) is essential if you take your company’s safety seriously. At Syncurity Networks we’ll keep watch over your network and collect and analyze data so we can detect – and respond to – a breach of your security.

With over a decade experience in the industry, Syncurity Networks is the company to call if you are looking for simple but effective network security. We provide customized security assessments, solutions and network security monitoring to ensure that your confidential data stays that way. At Syncurity Networks we have an unsurpassed knowledge of the policies, procedures, procurement and evaluation of the technologies that will keep you secure.

We will help you untangle the often complex web of security regulations and will find devices and activity on your network that you didn’t know existed. We also offer a security operations consultancy service and can assist your security team in driving policy and procedures that align with both industry best practice and your business’s objectives.

Network Security Monitoring, Assessment & Training Services - Rochester, New York, Boston, Washington DC

Information Security Training

Syncurity Networks has over 5 years experience teaching companies how to protect themselves. We have hands-on lab environments in which we’ll quickly customize a security curriculum for your users or security team.

a.) Red Team Training: We teach you offensive security skills so that you can really put your network to the test. b.) User Awareness Training: We have developed an online curriculum that will educate users in how to follow correct procedures when handling business data. c.) Incident Response/SOC Training: We can train your team how to work within an effective SOC, or help teach them how to create one.

Information Security Management Consulting

With more than 9 years experience dealing with network security-related policies, procedures, procurement and evaluation we believe our indepth knowledge of security technology is unrivalled.

This is why here at Syncurity Networks we are confident that our Information Security Management Consulting program will enable your business to attain an exceptional level of network protection.

Network Security Assessments

Syncurity Networks has a team of experienced network, systems and web application penetration testers who will assess your organization’s security posture.

We use open source and professional toolsets to provide you with a comprehensive assessment that meets your business’s compliance and/or your security needs.

Network Security Management & Monitoring

Syncurity Networks employs many of the tools that governments and Fortune 100 companies use to baseline and detect rogue activity, malware and policy violation on their networks. We design and deploy custom NSM sensors that are affordable, and provide weeks of visibility on your network for a fraction of the cost.

We can size sensors to fit your particular network’s needs, and we guarantee that we will be able to provide new and surprising insight into unwanted activity on your network.

“I recommend Syncurity Networks to anyone that wants to elevate their information security function from status quo to truly intelligent, measurable and repeatable processes.”

Michael Pinch, CISO, University of Rochester Medical Center

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About Us

Syncurity Networks has over 10 years experience securing networks, and is familiar with the latest techniques and practices in Network and System Security. We are more cost effective and responsive than our competitors.

Syncurity Networks understands the real and growing threat landscape present in todays world. Syncurity interfaces with the industry thought leaders to understand how the attackers are evolving and how to apply defensive techniques to mitigate and detect the resulting malicious activity to your network.

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